Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Hiatus, new house, and TUMBLR

Well hello there.
Long time no see.
As you can tell this poor baby of a blog has been rendered on hiatus for a few years now.
A new degree, a new house, a new everything.
I've been full time at school, and while I'm almost done, I must dedicate a large amount of my time to the last semester.
However, I will continue this blog, hopefully in the months to come. This will be the first Halloween in the new Casa Strublay, and I'm gonna try to produce some magic, even with limited time. I've got a neighborhood to terrorize, and this house is RIPE for trick or treaters.

(seriously we have a shopping center right across from us, and massive apartment complexes around us. This house is MADE for Halloween fun)

Furthermore: I would like to extend a HELLO to Tumblr users! My Turqouise skelly diecut has been making the rounds, unattributed, but thats okay, I'm glad that my grandmothers skelly is getting the love it deserves.

Stay Tuned!