Monday, August 31, 2009

Of rethinking static props and childhood memories

Found on Flickr; Photograph by Bart_
I love how these are playing the roles of static props, instead of the classic plastic skull sitting on the ground... very artistic

Found on Flickr; Photograph by Doris Pepsi
Beautiful bird, that reminded me of something: When I was a child living in our small apartment on Cheyenne, my mother always put black poster board cutouts of a graveyard scene and a witch over the moon in a small window in the Dining room that faced out to the trick or treaters. My mother cut them by hand and they still exist, as we get closer to the holiday, I'll most likely get a photograph and post it here.
Found on Flickr; Photograph by Toddrwaters133
Another photograph that sends me to my childhood memories: this record was played by my mother every year on Halloween, and many other days beside by me, since my mother kept it among her record collection all year long.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Of dogs and Día de los Muertos

Found On Flickr; Photography by Knee_Bone
Cute Little dog with a cute little costume... anyone that tiny needs a hoodie on Halloween!

Found on Flickr; Photography by Squeaky Rat.
I LOVE the paper mache skull and its hot pink and black paint job.

Found on Flickr; Photography by Chelsea Perkins.
Traditional Day of the Dead altar, complete with sugar skulls, carnations, food for the dead and photographs for the living.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Of bats and carved faces in the dark.

Found of Flickr, Photo By Lungstruck
I love the Orange glow on Grey with the black organic forms.... 

Found on Flickr: Photo By Danielanob
Looks unintentionally halloweeny I think.

Found on Flickr: Photograph by Joe Penninston
The bat rope poles of the The Haunted Mansion, the ride that is the inspiration for almost everything I do.

Pumpkin Rot

A perennial favorite, I usually never go more than a week with out checking his blog. Go check it out at: and Whats Brewing?
All of the pictures below are taken by Pumpkinrot, all found at Whats Brewing?