Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Of Smarties, Chocolate, and my other Loves: Technology and Design.

Confession: I'm not only an artist that is obsessed with Halloween: I am also a Technology nerd. I'm building this crazy love of Web Design and in doing so I stumble through the internet finding cool designers to bookmark as inspiration. Well my recent find will be quite entertaining to you: It's about my favorite Halloween candy (which I still have lot's of... the american version, but hey) Smarties! 

Yeah, I know you hate 'em, but my favorite roll of sugar and citrus does have a small following:
Here is another article on the newer version of his site about Chocolate and Fun Dip:
One last article about the cool house on the block on Halloween.

I think any of the Candy Gram entries would be awesome to read, but i love these the best.
I hope you enjoy!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Halloween 2011 #1

Image by Strublay

The Card Reader is FINALLY working!! 
Actually it started working with a secondary update to my OS, however I have been mightily pre-occupied with an awesome little stop motion project for a video cover letter of all things...
SOOO Halloween upload has been put on hold. 
Love you guys, but a potential Job > Halloween. PARTICULARLY in Las Vegas.
As soon as it is done, and I am ready to get back to my life, more postings will happen.
For now, one nice general view of my Halloween Display this year...
*goes off to move a toy, take a picture, move a toy, take a picture, move a toy..... take a picture....*

Monday, November 07, 2011

New Additions to the House of Strublay!

My husband and I welcomed two handsome neutered male cats in to our home a few days ago!
We adopted Panther, our 8 year old Black Persian/godonlyknows mix, and Captain our 4 year old lynx point Maine Coon/Norwegian Forest mix. We are working on Names that fit their personalities, I am lobbying for Panther to be renamed again (He was originally called Jewel, as the staff thought he was female when they received him, due to the extremely long, heavily matted fur... they shaved him and found he was male..... EMBARRASSING.) Panther feels like a Buddha due to his infinite calm and his intense loving nature, and Captain feels more like a Thor-type...  we'll see if he comes more out his shell.
We will put up some pictures, as well as Halloween photographs as soon as we alleviate the troubles with the camera card readers.
*shakes a fist at the camera card reader*

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

The Freakshow

Image by Strublay

Three of my freak-show, Colossus. Monster and Ankle Biter.
We have been having some serious issues with our card readers in the house of Strublay, and we are prepping for a new addition or two in the form of cats, so I have not gone through the images yet.

In other news: RIP Ankle Biter. 
He generally laid on his back and his grin was wide and terrifyingly sharp, so he folded very, very quickly.
I am hoping next year to have a yard, where my pumpkin creations may languish and rot at their own pace, but unfortunately, a rotting pumpkin in a condo is a scary, nasty thing.
So hes sitting on the dumpster, ready to scare the neighbors, who already are not quite sure about me.


Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Hall of Fame Recipient 2011

So, what is this Hall of Fame crap? Well essentially it is me giving credit where credit is due: If a prop or theme or visual style that does not come from my own artistic tendencies show up in my yearly display then I give the artist who inspired me a Jar, bottle, vial, or some other aspect in my haunt where a name might be used. If I should ever have the space for a cemetery, you might see a name there, or if a box should be a part of my designs, a name will be there. The item will always involve the artists signature styling, things an artist is well known for.

Last year PumpkinRot got a ripped up, stained and crusty label on the side of one of my Witch Jars.
"Monsieur Rot's Plant Re-Animation Powder. (DO NOT USE NEAR GRAVES)"

This year, while bouncing around my blog list trying to come up with a simplified plan for this year, I stumbled upon This Post  by one of my favorite Haunters and this years recipient: Marrow.

I was inspired by the essential nature of these pictures, as well as a VERY early post by Marrow about a bunting he made for his room.
This year I'm making a potion/herb/specimen bottle for Marrow. Something involving ghosts I think. It will be on display next year.
You rock Marrow, keep up your amazing work.