Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Of Smarties, Chocolate, and my other Loves: Technology and Design.

Confession: I'm not only an artist that is obsessed with Halloween: I am also a Technology nerd. I'm building this crazy love of Web Design and in doing so I stumble through the internet finding cool designers to bookmark as inspiration. Well my recent find will be quite entertaining to you: It's about my favorite Halloween candy (which I still have lot's of... the american version, but hey) Smarties! 

Yeah, I know you hate 'em, but my favorite roll of sugar and citrus does have a small following:
Here is another article on the newer version of his site about Chocolate and Fun Dip:
One last article about the cool house on the block on Halloween.

I think any of the Candy Gram entries would be awesome to read, but i love these the best.
I hope you enjoy!

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