Saturday, September 26, 2009

On Zombies Friends, Zombie distant acquaintances and some decently hot zombie chick.

Normally, when dealing with Halloween images, I avoid posting pictures of humans for the obvious complication of identifying who they are. But in this case, I could not help it, seeing that I ran across the image below and an idea was born.

Found on Flickr; Image by Dawn Geary
You ever have those moments of "Hey I know that Zombie?" No? Well I guess I'm a freak then.
This is Joey, I know him because he is the son of my brother in laws girlfriend. He is creepy as HELL as a zombie Clown. So if your in Louisville, give Joey and his mother some love for the awesomeness that is this CRAZY SCARY zombie.

Found on Facebook; Image by Julez Rodionova
Behold, another "Hey! I know that zombie!" moment. One of my fabulous, and very few and far in between friends from high school, Justin, downing a blood spiked blue ribbon and giving us a bloody thumbs up.
(Justin, I could not help it. When one does posts on Zombies, one has to include ones friends.)
Found on Flickr; Image by Ally Baux
Finally for your enjoyment, what a hot chick would look like given an inhuman thirst for brains.

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