Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Of decorations and vintage charm.

Found On Flickr; Photography by Johnny Love of Love Manor (I presume)
Love Manor has some of the most alluring Halloween Decorum to be seen on Flickr, and this is just a taste of their beautiful imagery, of which I guarantee I'll  be touching upon again in the future. They took a break for 2008, and I look forward to their work this year. Go check out their site at Love Manor.

Found on Flickr; Picture by Roadsidepictures.
Finally a Vegas Valley prop worth mentioning! This lovely corpse was photographed out in Henderson in 2007. Great corpsifying and wonderful lighting. I'll be taking photographs of my own of the upcoming Las Vegas Haunts and Events, so keep a look out for those in the coming months.

Found on Flickr; Photograph by kate*
Vintage Halloween always has a charming air about it.

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