Saturday, September 26, 2009

Of Pumpkins, glowing gourds, and the simple pleasure of the pumpkin grin.

Found on Flickr; Image by Jim Murphy
Theres nothing like the smell of burning pumpkin flesh. I love all of the pumpkins in this image.

Found on Flickr; Image by Brother Grimm
  The guy closest to us is what caught my eye, his pointy grin and section of missing teeth make me smile.

Found on Flickr; Image by Seymour Digital Consulting
I used to be a fan of intricate pieces of art such as this. I've started to lean closer and closer to the traditional Jack for my favorites.


Andrew Seymour said...
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Andrew Seymour said...

This picture was actually taken more for a "Kodak momenet" then anything else. The kids had a great time making them, and that is what it is all about! - Andrew (at)

"Strublay" said...

I'm glad I have the story behind the image now! I just loved all of the pumpkins stacked together and lit, thus why they ended up on my blog. ^_^ Thank you for coming to my site!