Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dear Chainsaw Man.

You know that archetypal chainsaw scare in EVERY haunted house? Yeah, well in my last post I bashed it, and apparently the God of Halloween has determined that I was wrong for doing it.
Mr. Scary Chase-you-around-with-lawn-care-items is now running around tearing up my dreams. I've had nightmares for the past two nights of Mr Chainsaw.
The first nightmare was something out of a damn video game.... It started off where I was working in a pop scare haunt, every one had chainsaws and I was trying to improve upon the scare. Then this discovery channel like pop up overlayed and fuzzed out the image and gave me the complete stats on a particular type of chainsaw while giving me a 360 view of the tool. Then all of a sudden I was in a house running down the stairs with mr chainsaw running after me, I just got out of the door, a'la Halloween (movie) and I heard his foot steps right behind me and woke up. It was like Doom meets Halloween meets Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
So this morning I wrote this on my FB after encounter #2 with mr chainsaw man.

Dear Mr. Chainsaw Man: As much as I am flattered that you enjoy hanging out in my subconscious and proving all my lofty ideals when it comes to horror incorrect, GTFO. ~~~Not really that cordially, nor yours,

I'll be going around and finding pictures of Halloween later today. For now I'm going back to bed.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Somthing I forgot to mention, and the nature of fear.

All of the pumpkins that will light on their own, will be evil. Glaring pumpkins with nightmare grins lighting of their own accord at your approach, oh.... oh yes....

It will be beautiful.

One of my friends once told me that Terror could only be derived from what I like to call the pop scare style: pop ups, loud noises, chainsaws, screaming, gore, spurting blood... all that rubbish.

I despise that sort of scare. I like scares to be a deep down, stays with you, "I should not be here", give-you-nightmares kind of scare. I like creep.

The best haunted house I ever went to was a cheap piece of work put together by a local group and hosted in the parking lot of the power company. No trailers were involved. The most vivid memories were of girls, decently young, in tattered and torn dresses, in chicken coup cages. They stared, made no noise, just stared at you as you walked past. It made you question, "why am i walking past these girls and not helping them?" It made you question what you were doing, and the more you thought about it, the more those girls stares ate at you.

I had nightmares for weeks. It bothers me even now.

That, THAT is a good haunted house.

I walk through pop scare houses and never flinch, I just smile and keep walking, giggling at the terror of my comrades. It takes real creep to get me.

Innovation, detail, creep. The more it begs you, no, DEMANDS that you think about whats going on, the more it gets to you.

I work for that and it heartens me that there are others like me who like the creep.

I like me some detailed displays, and this year.... this year will be awesome.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I'm Back!

And somthing awesome has happened. My Aunt, an extremely social creature who loves to throw a party, has invited my mother and I too decorate her house for a massive Halloween party.

It's my first chance to really go all out for a Halloween display. She has a HOUSE, a with a legit front yard and everything. I haven't found a Job yet, I'm still trying, but I'm skeptical that I'll find one before the Halloween season.

So needless to say my pumpkin beasts have taken a back seat for the year. This year is still the year of the pumpkin, and I plan on taking over the front yard with as many Jack O' Lanterns as I can. If I can afford to make them all real pumpkins, then I will, but if not I'll be making faux pumpkins.

The idea is that someone will walk up to the front yard, seeing a bunch of pumpkins in the yard, some (mostly happy ones) lit, some/most that seemingly had gone out before they got there. As they walk up to the door, pumpkins begin to light on their own by some ghostly hand. Lanterns on trees and in the porch area (most inspired by Pumpkin Rot's witch jars) light on their own as well. The creep factor will be insane.

I can't wait. God I can't wait. *continues R&D*

hehehehe, I get to freak out middle aged party goers. Life is good.