Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I'm Back!

And somthing awesome has happened. My Aunt, an extremely social creature who loves to throw a party, has invited my mother and I too decorate her house for a massive Halloween party.

It's my first chance to really go all out for a Halloween display. She has a HOUSE, a with a legit front yard and everything. I haven't found a Job yet, I'm still trying, but I'm skeptical that I'll find one before the Halloween season.

So needless to say my pumpkin beasts have taken a back seat for the year. This year is still the year of the pumpkin, and I plan on taking over the front yard with as many Jack O' Lanterns as I can. If I can afford to make them all real pumpkins, then I will, but if not I'll be making faux pumpkins.

The idea is that someone will walk up to the front yard, seeing a bunch of pumpkins in the yard, some (mostly happy ones) lit, some/most that seemingly had gone out before they got there. As they walk up to the door, pumpkins begin to light on their own by some ghostly hand. Lanterns on trees and in the porch area (most inspired by Pumpkin Rot's witch jars) light on their own as well. The creep factor will be insane.

I can't wait. God I can't wait. *continues R&D*

hehehehe, I get to freak out middle aged party goers. Life is good.

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ShellHawk said...

Hey! I'm middle-aged, and I still geek out! :o)