Saturday, February 20, 2010

For Pumpkin Rot and Friends

I stumbled upon my Favorite Haunters work Today. Pumpkin Rot's Roots was on De-motivational Posters, as such i sent him The link. I went home from My electronics class today only to find that Mr. Rot had featured Greeter and Guardian on his blog.
So, for friends of Pumpkin Rot: May I present, Greeter and Guardian in some of my favorite photos of them from last year. This will be my last post until June, When I will be starting to make my artificial Pumpkins for my display this year. Enjoy.

Image by Strublay
Guardian and Greeter resting after a long night, This is my absolute favorite photo of these two, simply due to the light hitting Guardian.
Image By Strublay

Image by Strublay

Image by Strublay

I'll see you in June, my fellow Creatures. 


Rot said...


; )

"Strublay" said...

I KNOW, I'll be starting so LATE!

ShellHawk said...

Do you have the link for the Rot demotivational poster?
I'm stalking him and I hate to feel like I'm out of the loop.

The Frog Queen said...

I agree with Rot. June? :D

BTW - great photos.


"Strublay" said...

Hell I haven't even really gotten started, and it's almost july. Cutting it close..... *nervous*