Monday, November 07, 2011

New Additions to the House of Strublay!

My husband and I welcomed two handsome neutered male cats in to our home a few days ago!
We adopted Panther, our 8 year old Black Persian/godonlyknows mix, and Captain our 4 year old lynx point Maine Coon/Norwegian Forest mix. We are working on Names that fit their personalities, I am lobbying for Panther to be renamed again (He was originally called Jewel, as the staff thought he was female when they received him, due to the extremely long, heavily matted fur... they shaved him and found he was male..... EMBARRASSING.) Panther feels like a Buddha due to his infinite calm and his intense loving nature, and Captain feels more like a Thor-type...  we'll see if he comes more out his shell.
We will put up some pictures, as well as Halloween photographs as soon as we alleviate the troubles with the camera card readers.
*shakes a fist at the camera card reader*


wicKED said...

Grats on the new family additions! You should adopt a new card reader now.

Lisa said...

Congrats on the new purr-babies! Can't wait to see pics of them!

2 of my 3 cats required thought for their names. Skeeter was a baby & his name came to me in the night (I literally sat up out of a dead sleep and announced it!) and Chester got his when he ate a Cheetoh (and he's orange). Maggie had been nicknamed "Mama Kitty" until we adopted her out of the barn and got her fixed. Then it didn't fit her anymore.

"Strublay" said...

wicKED: TELL ME ABOUT IT! I have at least 3 photocentric projects going right now, and the damn thing dies on me. *fumes in extreme frustration*

Madame Jen said...

I nominated you for the Zombie Rabbit Award. :)