Thursday, April 07, 2011

Haunted Mansion Video Link of Extreme note.

Nearly lost this account because I forgot the bloody password for a short while.
Google is not helpful with password recovery folks, just a warning.
Anyway, I'm Back! It's my weekend, (my Sunday to be precise), and alls well in the wee hours of the morning here in Anaheim. So interesting fact: they are doing a number of progressive updates to the Haunted Mansion attractions here in the states because (I assume) of the upcoming new Haunted Mansion movie (I hope its better than the last, but it is from Del Toro, and he's messed up in the head, so yeah it'll be better.) WDW is getting the majority of the updates, but a slight few mods have been made to my Beloved Mansion here in DLR. Madame Leota has been sporadically flying through out the length of my stay, but now she has a little wispy friend in her immediate background.I'll see if I can find footage sometime in the next few days, if not, trust me folks. It's there.... there is a projection on a back wall of a wisp and green ectoplasm.
Anyway, in WDW, there has been a major change involving the Hitch Hiking ghosts! They now interact with your reflection!

Its a really incredible effect.
And before anyone asks, no I don't work in the Mansion. (I SHOULD) I actually work in Tomorrowland, which is more yesterday-land.
Anyway the video was so cool I figure I'd share it with you guys, legit Halloween awesome-ness will be returning shortly.

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The Frog Queen said...

That is SUPER cool! Thanks so much for sharing. Wow, just wow!!