Friday, April 27, 2012

Loki and Panther

So, everyone, meet our boys! Oreo, my old friend, passed away a year ago this month, and in November we finally went and got a couple of cats to add the chaos factor back in the house. 
We got that. 
About 40-45 lbs of that. 
Our boys are huge, and you'll be seeing a lot of them over the next few years.
"HEY! HEY DOG! YEAH YOU YOU YAPPY MUTT! SHUT UP!!!! JUST SHUT THE #%@$ UP!!!!!!!" Loki and "Dude, chill." Panther

First up is our "distinguished" old man, Panther. VERY long haired, all black, de-clawed in the front, and all attitude. Talks to you when he wants things, if you ignore him you get nipped. Hes fun, and cuddly, and his fur is getting so LONG.... He had been shaved prior to us getting him because his mattes were so bad. He has a gray undercoat, but his long top coat is all black... right now hes a funny shade of charcoal with a black Mohawk running up his back. It's a little bad-ass. 
Most fun are his moments of crazy energy, where he has a fit over a toy and bats it around like an idiot.
There is a likelihood that him and Halloween will go together well... 
Surveying my domain, Panther

"Give me attention, ma'am" Panther

And then there's LOKI. Our fuzzy god of Chaos is a lynx point 6 year old that is around 20lbs of super soft fur, muscle, and energy.  He lives by the motto of "brute force and ignorance" (he's busted out of TWO cat carriers, MID DRIVE!) Oh and did I mention this cat has a foot fetish? I kid you not, I walk in the door, kick off my shoes and I have to stand there for 2-3 minutes of Loki having a snuggle fest with my toes. If hes grumpy, we offer him a foot, and he immediately purrs. This cat is a freak. A gentle, cuddly, lynx-y freak.
He's really nice though, those lethal claws of his never get used on us, he just whips them out on Panther from time to time. Who obliges with a Bite and a glare at us. We called Loki the grumpy roommate for a bit after we got him. Thankfully the two are getting along now.
 And he is now SHAVED (see the bottom picture, taken three hours after his shave job).

"Hey look! I found a perch!" and blissfully unaware of impending shave job Loki.

"If you didn't feed me, I'd kill you. Stop taking pictures." Loki.

So we got a basement cat and a god of chaos. Fantastic.

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Lisa said...

But Basement & Chaos cats are both so CUTE! Cats are such characters - life would be boring without them!