Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Of returns, and flame-less candles.

I'm back, it's been a crazy few months, but I'm here, with the cats and the husband in tow. Look out in the next few weeks for a photo-shoot featuring monsters skull, me figuring out my theme this year (Yeah... IDK... I just don't.), Grainy f'ed up pictures from Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood, Las Vegas' unique Halloween environment, and lots of random Flickr Pictures. There will be many, many references to Ray Bradbury this year as I will quote The Halloween Tree liberally. We are going to have an awesome Halloween this year folks.

Image by  Sabrina Pierantozzi Found on Flickr,

So, where to start: In the category of cool things I've found... Pier One, purveyor of cheap imports at steep price tags, has finally created something I can get behind: Consumer level remote operated flame-less LED candles. Not only is it cool for outdoors, it seems like a really cool idea to freak T.O.T's out... I mean, push a button and they all turn on.... that would be cool... Imagine witch jars, Luminaries and others turning on when you walk up... with a shrouded figure sitting before you... that would be creeeeepy.

Also I think it would be cool for weddings, bride walks in and BAM fairy jars light up (mason jars with no coating, basically the witch jars with no witch.)

Link: HERE

Now, They are expensive... prohibitively so, but I'm wondering if we (the collective haunt community) could figure out a cheap hack-together version of this... I might be buying one and pulling it apart to figure out how it works. Good project for next year I think.
Yes, I will post notes, and give my version of it. 

Alright, see you tomorrow!


The Frog Queen said...

I am so up to the challenge on this one. Thanks for sharing. I will post our findings!!


Wendy the (Very Good Witch) said...

Ahhh...very cool indeed! I would love to have some of those! I had to laugh at your Pier 1 true, so true! :o)