Thursday, September 15, 2011


Image by Strublay

Found this cool thing at Target, decided I had to have it and for around 4 bucks I think it was a good deal. Against the turquoise of my Kitchen wall it looks awesome... Might go pick up another to round the wall out... or my old paper skele will take up residence on the other side... 
I love the simplicity of it. Three colors, classic theme... its a better example of the neo-retro theme that's been going around lately.
Neo-retro? Retro Renaissance? Modern 50's? *shrug* what ever... I'm seeing a lot of new takes on older objects.


Justine's Halloween said...

Those pumpkins are so cute and they look great contrasted against your wall color!

"Strublay" said...

Thanks Justine! oh and MIDCENTURY MODERN! That's what I'm calling it. That's it. Period. Case closed. Not like there was any argument.... but CASE CLOSED ANYWAY!