Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Old Packaging

So, of course, the photo shoot is certainly not an easy venture, so I'm taking a bit more time than I originally intended. I'm a detail nut. 
Look a can!

Found on Flickr, Image by Roadsidepictures

In my search for all things vintage Halloween I found this. It's a 1960's Licorice flavored soda. 
I love the typeface used, and the witch herself is really Witch Hazel-y to me... 
Love it.


Marilyn Girling said...

Darn, thought this was a product we could find this year. It would be perfect for our office party as this years theme is everything withcy. Great blog...I'm following.

Justine's Halloween said...

What a fun label! It really does scream 1960's!