Friday, October 04, 2013

And we are BACK!

Happy October everyone, I hope it is going well for you! Mine started out like the Octobers of all College Students, stressful and busy.

However, we are up and running once again! The Las Vegas Heat in all it's hell-fire glory has finally given way to the blissful relative cool of fall, and I'm in a unique position to really enjoy this lovely time of year.

Unfortunately the fight for time to do any Halloween setups and art is going to be hard pressed due to school and work, so the S.O. and I are taking it easy this year in light of that. This year is more about the experience then a mad rush to make. That means pumpkins that are more about quality than quantity, restoration of old Halloween Paper masterpieces soured by time, and a lot of movies. I'll be taking the time to re-tune and update the blog, so be patient with any changes you might notice.

So lets have some fun, enjoy a pumpkin latte or fifteen, carve some awesome pumpkins, and have an awesome October!

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