Saturday, October 26, 2013

Pumpkins from the pit, and the most awesome neighborhood in Las Vegas

Tonight was our annual Pumpkin Hunt. Because we live in this hot, violently dry, irradiated desert we do not have natural, honest to goodness pumpkin patches to go Pumpkin Hunting in, so our pumpkins get trucked in from Utah, or California, or some other hospitable clime. My Partner and I have developed a system, that every year, we go to find the freaks left behind by our milder Las Vegas denizens. We aren't talking Heirloom Pumpkins with green and white coloring, we're talking what would be your "standard" pumpkin grown in such weird ways and so ugly to the standard consumer that there must be something wrong with it. Every year, a week before Halloween or so, we go out at obscene times of the night, have dinner, and hunt for Pumpkins in the pale moon light and the blaring neon and LED's of the 24 hour Smiths.

Like modern body snatchers.

And this year I hit the Jackpot.

We found a Siamese Pumpkin, or Conjoined Pumpkins if you prefer.
Two pumpkins, joined at the side. Either they grew together or they mutated that way, the stems are melded together as is the base, the pumpkin is incredibly freakish and absolutely fantastic.

I have been happier, but not by much.

The real question is, when I carve it, will it be two pumpkins in there, or one convoluted one?
I'm hoping for two.

The other thing we do around this time is go hunting for decked out halloween houses to photograph. We did that tonight as well, pumpkin spice frappuchino in hand.

To the gentleman that I disturbed by photographing his display and hanging around a little too long, SORRY! There has apparently been a rash of Halloween Decoration thieves in his area, and he didn't want to loose his awesome decor. He has active surveillance to keep an eye out. Our presence apparently pulled him out of bed or something. We are very sorry to have disturbed you sir! (photos will be up in a day or so!)

We found, with out a doubt, the best neighborhood in Northwest Las Vegas last night, went back again today. It's a very little sub division, with tiny front yards, but AT LEAST 15 houses just going all out for Halloween. There is like 6 or 7 in a row, and it's incredible. I've never seen anything like it before, ever. One of them even has the makings of a walk through haunt. It's incredible! I have never been so in awe of a community before.

The husband and I are making plans to, on Halloween, go to that neighborhood and meet some of these awesome people, and soak in the atmosphere of a real Halloween street.

We're taking it easy this year, but that neighborhood really gives me hope for my future prospects.

I've been sick the past week, sleeping for 18+ hours, rising only for food and to care for the cats. No School, no work, nothing.

It has SUCKED.

I'm glad to be back in fighting shape again.

Photos will start rolling in the next day or so, once I get my partner off of PvZ2. *eyeroll*

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