Monday, October 05, 2009

Of candle holders, count down signs, and a Urban Vegas Halloween

Image By: Strublay
...and so it begins, my Halloween decorating has started in earnest, and the first feeble beginnings come out in the form of candles. Pulled out in September, I have reserved the pictures of them for this first, of many, posts of Halloween images taken by yours truly.

Image by Strublay
The sign. It counts down the inevitability of the dark night coming. I made it from foam core, velcro, a blacklight and a reversible hot orange/green card stock.  Total cost of the sign, with out the black light $2.00, with the blacklight $12.00. The entire project was inspired by several posts on, and the font used was Green Fuz from

Image by Strublay
My second story window, pumpkins, sign, and all.
I'm glad it started.


Carey R. Piper said...

Hey strublay, hopped over from the forums and I'm glad I did :) Great stuff here, your going to be my flickr filter (I just go into overload over there)

"Strublay" said...

Thank you! I'm glad you like it, it isn't updated often, but when it is, it takes a while to find the images... ^_^ Thanks for coming to the site Carey Piper!