Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Pre Halloween Photos

Image by Strublay
I wanted to get some photos of my pre Halloween prep, and here are some of my favorites, above is the view from my kitchen looking at the orange haunted house night light and the purple glow of the LED lights we picked up this year in the other room. I love the contrast of the orange and purple lights with the darkness of my condo.

Image by Strublay
My decrepit wreath. Looks like it was attacked by spiders and moths. this entire thing was made in around 30 minutes using a 3.00 bare branches wreath, a bit of bag webs, a sign which was 50% off, and a strip of shredded cheese cloth stained with a combination of tea and supremely watered down craft paint.
Just the way I like it.

Image by Strublay.
Our pumpkins. The light one (second in line) is the Greeter, and the far one (bulge at the end) is the Guardian the other two became the soulless (template carved) ones.

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