Sunday, November 01, 2009

Pumpkins grinning in ghastly delight.

Image By Strublay
 The greeter.
As the few T.O.T's walked up the stairs, the light of a strand of purple lights and apparently only four luminaries illuminated their way. As they made their ascent the wicked grin and insane eyes of the greeter became apparent, flanked by two more luminaries.They hesitated a moment before knocking on the door.
Image By Strublay
The guardian.
The guests took their food under the stare of this toothy beast, who guarded the food. Keeping the devil at bay, while making sure that one did not gorge them selves to bloatation.
Image by Strublay
 The grim gourds.
Greeter and Guardian, Sitting side by side after a long night, laughing at the two soul-less ones and the one who couldn't take it. They reminisce at the tiny bit of fun they had, and wonder if their kind will ever get their moment of glory. The creator reassures them: Next year will be the year of the pumpkin.

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