Thursday, October 29, 2009

The list of pictures to be taken:
HF comrades displays here in town;
My Skeleton,
my spiderwebs,
my future curtians.
Pumpkins, pumpkins pumpkins
My pumpkin spice latte I get as I go home
my labcoat
my countdown sign
my mothers house and her sundries
the candy
the food from the party
I cant believe its almost here!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Of lights, graves and a major spider infestation.

Image by Strublay; Northwest Las Vegas
This was the first one I saw, A cute little house that was obvious it was trying to pull off something nice they did a good job I think.
Image by Strublay; Northwest Las Vegas
Here is its  little grave area.

Image by Strublay; Northwest Las Vegas
Spider infestation!

Image by Strublay; Northwest Las Vegas
Heh, VERY las vegas.

Memories of blacklight bulbs, bats, and poseable Skeletons made of paper.

Found on Flickr; Image by: Hey Paul
My Halloweens of memory, they consisted of white sheets over furniture, and bare black light bulbs, of carved pumpkins and paper decorations.

Found on Flickr; Image by: Whimsy Studios
Paper bats fluttered about the house, paper spiders crawled down the hall, there was a ghost made of starched cheese cloth, and a lilliputian grave yard, complete with tiny bats, small flying witch and a grim reaper lined the windows;

Found on Flicker; Image by: Riptheskull

 But the most vivid memory of all was the paper skeleton, an creation of western origin, with rotting skin falling off old bones. My mother put one of my Halloween shirts on him, to hide his gruesome insect infested torso.
The images forever defined my holiday.
I hate how its been commercialized. You cant buy memories as vivid as that.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Of Spiders, Steiner's, and web's aplenty.

Image by Strublay.
Went to Steiner's this evening, before my partner and I went out to take photographs of some of the decorated homes in NW Las Vegas, and, much to my surprise I was greeted by the green "glowing" work of radioactive orange spiders. As I walked inside, spider webs were everywhere and lights were all over the bar. It was a fantastic surprise and I turned around and grabbed my camera, with the complete intention of writing this post.  Above you see my view of the bar and the kitchen area, donned in Halloween display. How lovely.
Image by Strublay
Those are some damned industrious spiders. I mean, woah.

Image by Strublay
And then there was this guy, his eyes faded in and out, which was a nice effect.
I don't typically go for adverts, but I love the few occasions I can go to this place, so I'm plugging them.
If you want to go see this finery for your self, Go visit or go to Steiner's Pub at 8410 W. Cheyenne Ave. (And if anyone of the staff come here, Hi! ^_^)

Monday, October 05, 2009

Of candle holders, count down signs, and a Urban Vegas Halloween

Image By: Strublay
...and so it begins, my Halloween decorating has started in earnest, and the first feeble beginnings come out in the form of candles. Pulled out in September, I have reserved the pictures of them for this first, of many, posts of Halloween images taken by yours truly.

Image by Strublay
The sign. It counts down the inevitability of the dark night coming. I made it from foam core, velcro, a blacklight and a reversible hot orange/green card stock.  Total cost of the sign, with out the black light $2.00, with the blacklight $12.00. The entire project was inspired by several posts on, and the font used was Green Fuz from

Image by Strublay
My second story window, pumpkins, sign, and all.
I'm glad it started.