Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Brainstorm

So last night I was just NOT tired. So I was laying in the bed, listening to the wrestling DVD I had popped in to the X-Box (Yeah, rockin' it old school) and I brainstormed, what else, Halloween Stuff.
I'm working on a seriously tight budget this year, but I have this interesting idea involving Paper bags and Theban, as well as other cipher writing systems.

Theban, One Version
Theban is a latin based cipher writing system, used typically by neopagans for their spell journals to hide what they are doing from prying eyes. I used it when I was a teenager, when I went in to the neopagan thing, and then realized how stupid it was to hide my notes using this method since resources on Theban are all over the place. (It is much better used for spells and entreaties to angels, as one has to seriously think about EVERY letter your writing while using it, thus adding subconscious power of intent to what ever your doing. Reminder: Spells are a form of prayer, essentially when you pray, you weave spells. Don't go crazy, okay kids?) Anyway, It has origins in the 1500's, and its cool looking.
Theban, Alternate Version (the one I learned)

So I was thinking about my costume this year, what I want to do, how I want to pull it off, ect ect. And doing a witch seems right up my Alley. It's been years since I've done my version of something simple like a witch, since I did not dress up last year, and the year before was a failure. So I was thinking about how my witch would look sitting on the stairs with my display so far in my head. So far I have Pumpkins (the goal is 20), my take on Pumpkinrot Witch Jars (small for now, bigger later), Cob Webs, and Neovana/Devotional Candles. I'm planning on making A fog Chiller, and a couple of other accouterments, but I figure that what I have is not enough for me... So I see paper bag LED luminaries, but not just any paper bag luminaries.... Spell Luminaries. I place inserts in to the paper bags that filter the light and illuminates spells in cipher writing on the insides of the bag.
I'll be doing a few tests tonight. And I might do this with The Witch Jars, which would be interesting.
If you have any suggestions for what the spells should be, please throw them up in the comments.
This should be fun.


Der Krampus said...

Thats a great idea with the Theban cyphers, I plan on using some runes like the ones here:

Apparently when these runes are used upside down or reversed it has a really negative/contrary meaning. I hope to paint them on the foreheads of my witches "victims" this year....

"Strublay" said...

Yeah those are old school runes. I'm actually going with these:
and writing them out all over me with black oil paint for part of my costume... I figure that I should work with something that has no inherent meaning... I don't want to piss off any spirits... *grin*

Der Krampus said...

probably a good idea, i have probably been far too reckless that way, can't wait to see your costume once its finished!