Monday, August 30, 2010

Witch Jars, Fall falling, and pine needles...

I'm supremely tired, so this is gonna be a VERY short post. A few picture posts will be forthcoming tomorrow when I finally run out of errends to do.
When in doubt/bored: Check online Classes, Facebook, Halloween Forum, look for Halloween pretties on Flickr and other image sites.
So I have so far Four Witch Jars.
Mine are inspired by pumpkinrot, but the Back Story is... different...

I imagine my odd, and wildly obsessed druid/shaman type witch pouring odd liquids and strange, thick extracts from Jars... the empties being thrown to the side and forgotten for years, possibly decades... Finally she gets to Halloween night and in a frantic rush to bring light in to her abode to hold back the spirits uses the Messy jars as candle holders: the blackened sealing resins, particularly disgusting verities of dried sludge, various fibers and dust filtering the light. The stoppers are all missing in action, used for other projects one wouldn't wonder.
Some where on there is at least one severely unfortunate cockroaches leg stuck to a jar.

Anyway, I'm achieving that forgotten, discusting, sludg-y look by coloring white glue (not school glue) with watercolors. You have to tip toe the line between opacity and color saturation to get the right look.
Its fun.
I'll have pictures some time soon, all hanging from their hemp chords and pissing off my husband.

Well its fall in Vegas, the winds have kicked up and Sunday the temperature peaked at a BEAUTIFUL 87F.  However Vegas weather is anything but stable, and the bipolar nature of our weather will kick in with low hundreds on Thursday, Friday and Saturday...

With the wind comes the pine needles and I plan on using them in my display this year... I'm letting my porch collect them, and I'll put them out on the concrete with a healthy layer of red dust... Its the desert's version of fall leaves.
Alright. G'night.

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