Thursday, August 12, 2010

Music To Create By

This post isn't wholly Halloween Related, but it is a quintessential part of my creative process. 
Guild Wars is my Favorite game of all time, as of this moment. Guild Wars is an MMORPG that I started playing back in 2005, and back then I had a CD of the origional score that I listened to constantly (COLLECTORS EDITION FTW!)

I recently remembered my Account information to the Direct Song website and re-downloaded the Original CD, which I have seemingly lost in the intervening years, and I re-downloaded my Guild Wars Factions soundtrack that I bought in 2006.

Jeremy Soule's sweepingly epic music really adds the right punch to the game, to give you perspective I picked up WoW after I played Guild Wars and hated the game for its LACK of a good musical score. The soundtracks stir somthing inside you from begining to end, and this is the soundtrack to jump-start my creative process

If your looking for something to put in your Haunts I would Recommend Eve's Theme (shes a necromancer, and as such her theme is dark) and Abadons Mouth both from Prophesies, I haven't gone through Eye of the North or Nightfall yet, but both might have good stuff on there.


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