Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Halloween in May, and shotgun prop making.

I figure, well.... if the idiots for that other Holiday can have Christmas in July, why can't WE have Halloween in May?
Tomorrow is one of my rare days off where I have nothing that really "NEEDS" to be done, so I'm going to work on a photo-shoot here in Anaheim.
Which is hard because all of my previous pieces, candle holders, witch jars and ephemera are at home in Las Vegas.
This will be an exercise in ingenuity.
Putting together a photo shoot from literally nothing, and having to rely on finding cool items in a city I don't know very well. It's a bit of a challenge. OH, and I can't use actual candles in any of my photographs, because if it is discovered that I have candles I could get kicked from housing...
Let's see if I can pull it off.

Now the question is: do I reveal it on Friday the 13th, or on May 31st?


Any suggestions for theme, reveal times and other parameters are welcomed.

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Other and Outside said...

I'm all for Halloween in May! My daughter and I hold a "Halfway to Halloween Witched Tea" every year.

Good luck with your photoshoot!