Thursday, May 26, 2011

Of monsters in the night.

2011 has already been the wildest year for me, with this Disney Internship and all.
From what I can tell the internship will end on the most epic of notes: Marty Sklar, Disney Legend, and Imagineer Ambassador, will be talking to my Leadership Speaker Series Class on August 3rd.

Image By Ken Pellman

But what about after the internship? Well.... Folks.... 
The Impossible happened. Again. 
Jacob and I are going to the North East, in October.
H\Jacob has never been to the northeast, and I've only been to New York for one whirl wind week of Broadway shows. 
So we are going to Washington DC, New York, Boston........
................aaaannnnnd I get to see Haunted Overload.

Thats right folks, the legendary haunted attraction that most people have never heard about (why?!) I finally get to go see. 
I am thrilled.
Jacob literally insisted upon it, for my sake.
Jacob is the coolest.

So for you Halloween nuts up in the north east: Is there any other places I should visit while there?


Wren said...

The Steel City!! Besides being the zombie capital, Pittsburgh has tons of cool haunts, activities, and festivals. Kennywood Park is a classic amusement park that goes all out for Halloween, and you can visit the Evans City cemetery and the Monroeville Mall. There is also an awesome Halloween museum close by in West Virginia Either way, have a great trip!

The Frog Queen said...

Wow - very exciting news. Have a great time...very jealous - would LOVE to see that haunt!!