Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween Prep continues

Working on a Bunting and my Costume today.
Cheshire Cat has kind of been my totem for the past year, so I'm using him as Inspiration this year.
You know you are a nerd when you buy prosthetic pieces and are FORCED by sheer artistic integrity to "fix" them. I bought these really cheap pointed ear tips, and they are built to simply be placed over your ears: they look like S***. SO I am cutting them down, cleaning up and thinning the edges, and giving them a light coating of boa feathers to give them a furry feel.
All while working on Halloween.
I am SUCH a geek.


Kyle said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one that modified a prosthetic. I am dressing as a classic witch and bought nose an chin pieces. I cut off the ridiculous moles and filled them in. All I could see were huge moles. Eww.

pensive said...

Another modifier here. Serial modifier. Though this year I am pasting it all on. Long story.

Can't wait to see your Chess inspiration. I always loved Chess and Caterpillar the best.