Friday, October 21, 2011

On getting called pretty by a demonic Ring Master: Haunted Overload 2011

I got out of Haunted Overload about an hour ago, and the smile won't let up off my face. I immediately jumped on the bed here at the comfort inn in Dover and grabbed the lappy to make this post. 
I only took these photos in the front area of Haunted Overload, just because I wanted to respect the establishment, BUT show that yes,  Mr. and Mrs. Strublay was there tonight. 
It was wonderful, everything was hand made, there was not an over zealous glut of scare attempts, all the pumpkins were lit by real candles (the scent of which was delightful)  the coloring was wonderful, and the SOUNDS. OMG THE SOUNDS.

I had the husband stop the rental as we sat in the parking lot area, the screams filled the night, along with a rock-ish track and a couple of chain saws. In one area the sounds of growls made the scare, in another children and little girls laughing upped the creep factor.

I have never been so happy or impressed in my life. I want to do it again. Seriously.

There is this one section of the Haunt where you walk in to this really demented big top, and above you is a ring master. The ring master was screaming down at the girls two groups ahead that her UGG's are the dumbest shoes on earth and are UGLY. The next moment he noticed me and said (yelled? croaked?) sweetly, "Come in pretty one!" 
I was honestly flattered.
They got me a few minutes later, a pop out actor got me with a yell. It was one of two jumps I had through out the night (which is incredible: I have a tendency to be unshakable. My husband hid behind me.) 

Tomorrow is my last day in the North East, we are headed to Salem, MA. Then back to my home in Sin City, where my Halloween will take shape. I have a lot to do, and in one week!
10 days until the High Holiday!!!!


pensive said...

I am so jealous right now I can hardly stand it.


Pam Morris said...

I'm so envious! I've wanted to see this haunt forever. maybe next year...

wicKED said...

I am green from envy! That looked amazing.

Myoneanonymous said...

I have been there the last 2 years, the place is amazing, Eric is a real artist.....

"Strublay" said...

It really was incredible, the work and artistry that it took to make HO come together... There truly isn't a haunted attraction like it anywhere else in the world.