Thursday, October 20, 2011

Where skeletons dance by the light of the moon.

Well our trip is almost at an end, and I am quickly getting in to the hard-core Halloween spirit. I've decided to share some of my un-edited images with all of you to keep you all entertained until the images from my Halloween display start filtering out this coming week. 
We had a bit of shop displays in Alexandria, nothing in DC, and nothing in Manhattan, and we did not stop enough in the residential areas of Brooklyn or Staten Island to get any photos. Now Mr. Strublay and I are in Lexington MA. 
The Rain yesterday made getting here miserable. How do you north-easterners DEAL with it? GAH!
Tomorrow night, the real fun begins. Haunted Overload baby, doing it, and doing it tomorrow night.  So freaking excited. 
Stay tuned, I might post a bit more tonight.

Finding this place was a nice surprise, the bucky in the window made me smile.

Miss Kitty here was cleaning herself, and did not wish to be disturbed. 

my favorite: freak pumpkins.


wicKED said...

Very nice pictures. You are so lucky to be hitting the Haunted Overload. I was watching it on the top 10 haunts yesterday. Post pictures if you can!

Wendy the (Very Good Witch) said...

Loving all the window displays! You kids have fun at Haunted Overload! Lucky you! :o)