Sunday, November 14, 2010

Aura of Foreboding 2010

Found on, Image by Aura of Foreboding

Okay, so the story, apparently, is that this dude threw up this incredibly detailed and well lit display in the four days leading up to Halloween.
Holy Crap.
I think that would be awesome, you incidentally drive by a house one day, and then drive by that house 4 days later and a decrepit cemetery has cropped up in the interim. So cool. 

Detail in this picture that I LOVE: on the right of the picture above the window is the outline of a human head. That was cool to find.

Found on, Image by Aura of Foreboding

The lighting on these Stones are beautiful, I LOVE how the lighting is placed to draw shadows in to the engravings, and all of the organic shapes from the old branches. Also the blues punctuated by the green tombstone, and the warm oranges of the lanterns.

Found on, Image by Aura of Foreboding

Again with the beautiful lighting. 

Lesson: Lighting matters, as does texture. 

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