Monday, November 08, 2010

Oreo wished to say hi.

Image by Strublay, of Oreo
"WTF do you want? hm? Get that f&*%#@$ camera out of my face!"

She's a little, twitchy eye'd princess. 

I wasn't planning on doing a cat-post, but she wanted to say hello, and her way of doing that is prancing across the keyboard while I attempt to post, typing a few dozen different characters on her way. 
So to directly quote my cats typing "1qwedergfhyj6y7i8ukkimjo;lp"
That sort of entertaining thing is a LOT of fun when I'm coding. Joys. LOL'z
Oh, and she also tried to add a Label whilst chasing after my hand for pets.
I deleted those.
Your welcome. 

She has also been "helping me" put some of the Halloween stuff away today, mainly the Paper Bats, the B&W Skeleton in the porch window, the paper Happy Halloween Banner. 
And by helping I mean laying on the 3 yards of black fabric I use to hide crap during my Photo-sessions in the dining room and mucking them up with white cat fur. Oh AND ripping the holy hell out of one of the bats. Luckily it was one of the newer ones, and not one of the funky ones my mother made.

Speaking of things my mother made: The paper graveyard is still up, and I'm thinking about framing it to preserve it for coming years. I'm really hesitating pulling it down because of how sensitive it is. 
I kinda want to replicate it, and laminate or seal that to preserve the graveyard as a window decoration. 
I just don't want the original to dis-integrate, its a classic thing, a memory from my past, and its really really beautiful. 

So I figure my November Non-school, non-house cleaning crafty projects are going to be knitting scarves, making some cool, easy to hang, Christmas light decorations and replicating the paper graveyard. Outside of that is packing and end-of-year purging. 


BostonBoy said...
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"Strublay" said...
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HalloweeNut said...

OK, this is weird. I have an identical cat, and - get this - her name is Oreo, too! How odd... :)

"Strublay" said...

Awesome, halloweenut! ^_^ B&W cats... half Ceiling Cat, half Basement Cat, all awesome.

BelladonnasJoy said...

Beautiful Oreo, that's a purrfect name!