Wednesday, November 03, 2010

The Beast before his moment of glory.

Image by Strublay
The Beast before Halloween night, freshly carved. 
I think you can kinda get an idea of his size.
He was huge. 
I should have lit his candle last night and taken a photo of him sitting on the corner of the dumpster. 
I threw the rest in, smashing them against the door that was in the dumpster already, but Beast was set gently on the corner of the dumpster, ready to greet the trash guys in the morning.


The Frog Queen said...

:) Awesome!


Der Krampus said...

A very nice 'good morning' for the trash-people! Kinda sad letting go though, mine are all still on the front steps, they have endured a brutal frost each night only to have it go up to 50 by afternoon, soon they will be so mushy...

BelladonnasJoy said...

I like his grin. Now that's a serious grin. Thanks for the design ideas for next year.

"Strublay" said...

@ The Queen: Thanks!
@ Der Krampus: Yeah, it sucked throwing them away like that... i can only imagine what my neighbors and the trash-dudes thought about it.... And believe me I can understand the mushy problem: we are in a much warmer and bi-polar clime, 30 degree swings in weather from the mid 50's up to the mid 80's... so the time we can keep them is really REALLY short.
@Joy: Thanks! He was fun to carve, my buddy Lloyd walked over and stared at me funny when I made the grin about 220-240 degrees around... it was classic. ^_^

Johnny Love said...

I love the expression on his face.

"Strublay" said...