Monday, November 01, 2010

The Trials and Tribulations: Halloween 2010

Image By Strublay

Well things went wrong. I found out that the building defect in my condo complex involved the overhangs, the drywall was so water damaged (Unsealed drywall outside........ even in vegas: WTF) that I couldn't hang any of the witch jars as planned. As such my display became much much simpler this year. 

Ah well.

Thats life.

Above is the sight that greeted my eleven trick or treaters (ELEVEN!! I had 2 last year!!! *Happy Dance*).
We kept the Door open as my friends and I enjoyed the evening, the night was in the 60's so we could keep all the doors and windows open with out freezing out like last year. 

Image by Strublay

Top To Bottom: Psycho, Scarz, Jacobs [PUMPKIN], Jack(Nightmare before Christmas), Jeffs Stitches.

Image By Strublay

Two-Face: Hyde

Image by Strublay

Little Giggle

Image by Strublay

Lloyds Souless.

Only had one this year..... thank god.

Image by Strublay

The Beast.

Image By Strublay

Tiny Terror, the Soul Cage, and the Witch Jars.

This was a wonderful evening, I didn't get my first ToT until WELL after sundown, and I had to send out my Husband to get more candy because we got more kids than we expected. 
I also still have a full bag of Smarties!
*Grin* Yummy!

I also got to see and hear something I never thought I could pull off. I was sitting fussing over my Guild Wars Halloween Event, when my comrades and I heard the sounds of kids whispering downstairs, I walked to the door and poked my head around the corner.
Several Women, in thier 30's I'd say, were cowering behind a 9-10 year old boy. They were arguing about which of the women would go up the stairs with the boy. When they noticed me they covered by saying that the boy was scared and they all thought that someone would jump out of the door and scare them. 
I got 30-somethings to hesitate, just for a second, like scared 8 year olds. 
Simple display, but it worked out wonderfully.

I went through and did a photo session, and I'll put those pictures out in time.

I hope everyones Halloween was as good as mine.

Now for some sleep... ah..... sleep.


The Frog Queen said...

Looks amazing. Glad you had a good night....and what is not to like about scaring adults! :D


"Strublay" said...

Thanks Queen.
It's amazing how a simple dark open doorway that you cant see in to can cause the imaginations of Kids and Adults alike to run wild.
Yay simple psychology.

Ali said...

Your jacks look great! And congrats on getting more TOTs this year! We got our first TOTs ever after nearly ten years of living in the U.K., so we were really excited.

We're pioneering the holiday in this country so onward and upward.