Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Big Day

Today is the Day of Days, The High Holiday. 
The Reason this blog is here.


Carved 7 pumpkins and completed many of my final prep in the last few hours. 
The largest Pumpkin I carved was a 25 pounder, and his smile is nearly two and a half feet wide.
I also completed my second round of Witch Jars. This one is a round with Labels.
You see my witch likes to recycle. 

She takes the Labels from the smaller containers she purchases and sticks them on Jars she likes to use for storage, when she runs out of the component she puts the Jar in the pile of used Jars that are moldering in a corner of her abode. She doesn't like to throw them out.
They get REAL dirty after a while.

Image By Strublay

Image By Strublay

Image By Strublay
I had to have this one. Its a Lemonade Flavored Laxative. Makes me giggle.

Image By Strublay
I worked pretty hard to try to make the Labels and the outside remains match.
Glycerin is typically a clear liquid so I kept the jar very clear.

Image By Strublay
When I get Ideas from other Haunters I like to give credit.
I don't have a grave-yard, so no headstones. Labels For Jars and Potions and Herb Mixes have to work instead.
This year I am using a lot of witch Jars, so I'm giving credit to Rot for the idea.
"Monsieur Rot's Plant Animation Powder (DO NOT USE NEAR GRAVES!)" 
Shoulda' done it in French, but hey.

The more ideas I get from the Halloween Community, the more labels will bear the names of the community members who came up with the original idea.

Oh and this one smells awesome, because the plant animation powder stand-in is cinnamon, which has been rubbed on the glue prior to the glue drying.

Image By Strublay
The Rules of Halloween: hand out treats, and ALWAYS check your candy.
I hand out Full-size candy bars, this year with Owl Cards (Which essentially say: Happy Halloween, Brush Your Teeth! Visit My Blog and the Forum PLZ) with Clip art from The Graphics Fairy Blog.
See that on the Right??? 
It's my Back Up.
*Indignant Strublay* 
What'chu gonna do 'bout it?
Don't Hate. Smarties are awesome.

Image By Strublay

The Eye of the Beast, freshly cut.

So Kids, Remember the Rules: Wear A Costume, Hand Out Treats, Always Check Your Candy, And NEVER Blow Out A Jack O Lantern.
May Your Day be filled with preperation and your evening filled with Fear. 
Above All Else: 

Have a Happy Halloween.
~~~~Madame Strublay~~~~


Wendy the (Very) Good Witch said...

Our big day is finally here! Have a most marvelous Halloween! :o)

HalloweeNut said...

Have a truly Haunted Hallowe'en!