Friday, October 22, 2010

To Do List

Finish Linux Course Chapter 7 quiz and Final,
Find and Purchase Pumpkin Ale/or something else just as awesome,
Get Tipsy off of previously mentioned ale/awesome-ness,
Sew Circle Skirt/ dress ruffle/ apron/ cloak/ hat/ anything else, (SUNDAY)
Security Mid-term on Monday,
Arcane Herbalism, HTML, and Java Programming Mid-terms on Tuesday,
Pull out boxed Halloween Goodies
Purchase more Tea Lights and Neovana/Devotional candles,
Purchase more Pumpkins,
Purchase Samhain Incense, More Clove Incense, More Nag Champa incense, generally more incense.
Get some pumpkin dessert
Get the mixin's for Sloppy Joe's
Purchase candy (!!!!!!!!!!)
Scribe Glyphs,
Entrap Spirit in Soul Cage.
Photograph Soul Cage
Dig Out more Jars
Prep herbal/salt mixes, pine needle carpet, hangings, candles, luminaries.
Set out offerings for the dead
Carve the Pumpkins.
Hand Out Candy, Carve arcane inscriptions in to small Pumpkin, pray the souls don't kill me.


HalloweeNut said...

I'll make this simple: your awesome, and so are your Halloween creations!

"Strublay" said...

*Flattered madwoman* Thank you HelloweeNut