Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pumpkins and Paranormal Activity

Image by Strublay

Some of my pumpkins for this year, I have three standard oranges, three medium-small ghost pumpkins, and two partially green veined pumpkins: one large and one very small. 
I really love my stemmed ones,the small green-ish one has a stem and a length of the vine still attached. 
They are fantastic looking.
And my husband helped, he loves seeing the variations in the pumpkins so picking out freaky pumpkins is fun for him. 

Finally saw Paranormal Activity this evening, great movie.
Really really creepy movie.
I loved it.
The Alternate ending.... not so much. 
I hate gore.
IDK if I'm going to see PA2...

Can I just say the guy, Micah, is an absolute dumbass. 
Like, OMG let me slap you in the fucking face, dumbass. 
Provoking a demon, burning a cross... Good Lord, how dumb can you be?

Strublay does not mess with or tempt demons, I don't have enough evidence to know they exist, but if they do... oh hell no...  
Strublay does not play that game.

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