Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Found on Flickr, Image and Artwork by TheoJunior
The Caption: "The hoarder becomes what he accumulates."

Have any of you seen that show hoarders?
OMG. There needs to be a Hunted house on that. Seriously, that is modern horror right there..... every-time I watch it I get the itch to clean and organize.
It really freaks me out, honest to God.


Dirty Rotten Zombie said...

I know! Every time I see that show I just want to throw out every single thing I own and enjoy complete emptiness in my house.

"Strublay" said...

seriously, ghosts and goblins, and latex monsters... those don't get to me.
But real, plausible crap like hoarding, YEAH that gets to me. *SHUTTER*
Must.... Clean....SOMTHING! GAH