Monday, November 08, 2010

We has Policy? Oh yes, yes we has.

Alright, obviously there has been a touch of confusion, and I just want to clarify some of my personal policies dealing with my blog and some things about who I am.


  • If you email me, it is likely that your email will be automatically sent to my spam folder. I do not check my spam folder, so don't expect me to receive emails. This will not change, sorry. Maybe one day if this site becomes super popular (yeah right) I'll create an account just for this site, but until then, no emails please.
  • If you wish to enlighten me about something that is Horror/Halloween/Prop Making related and/or "OMG AWESOME" -worthy, please feel free to let me know in a comment. I prefer verifiable links and or "Hey Strublay! Google this..."
  • Understand that what ends up on full blog posts is at my discretion, just because you throw it on the comments, does not mean I'll do a full post featuring what you sent me. If your link or search term proves to be reliable, however, I will allow the comment to be posted.
  • My typical sources are, Flickr, Photobucket, ect. So if you are shy, just post your pictures on one of those sites and I'll probably run across them during my daily scans of a bunch of sites for cool pictures
  • If you see that something has been improperly attributed, please let me know in a comment.
  • Yes I post a lot of my own pictures. It is my blog after all. ^_^
I honestly appreciate your understanding regarding these matters.

About me:
I am an artist and college student here in the Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada. I am dual majoring in IT and 'Arcane Herbology and Spellcasting'. I am an artist that does a lot of prop making (which encompass all forms of art, really) and it is safe to say I go through phases. I was born here in Las Vegas, raised here, and I love my oddball city. I lived in Arizona for a short time, and thats when my obsession with Halloween really began to blossom. I have been obsessed with the aesthetic of Halloween ever since.

My nickname, Strublay, originated from my technical theater days in High School, we were doing a play by Brecht, and my director/teacher was a smart alack and altered my first name to one that was in the play in question and used it as my nickname for the duration of the play. My cohorts in the tech department decided that my last name needed to fit in too, as my first and last name were already odd. After the play only my last name stuck around, Strublay. After I graduated, I started using it as my pen name on my less interesting blogs That no longer exist.


BostonBoy said...

I'm sorry I thought you were somebody I already knew. Anyway nice to meet you.

"Strublay" said...

Its a pleasure to meet you too. ^_^