Monday, November 08, 2010

Jack, a quick tool tip, and Disney.

Image by Strublay

Long live the Pumpkin King! 
Come on, did you think that with 3 ghost pumpkins I wouldn't have ONE dedicated to Jack? 

How To Moment: I HATE the plastic things for cutting away the skin of my pumpkins, I like using Linoleum cutters instead.  Linoleum cutters can be found in art stores in the printing area. All you need to pick up are the blades and a handle, and there is really no need to purchase the fancy handle, just pick up the cheap wooden one by speedball. I used just a #2 Speedball Linoleum cutter blade to do Jack and Scarz. 

I've always had a fascination with Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas, and I tend to have a Christmas themed around Tim Burton's exploration of what might happen if Halloween and Christmas collided. 
I also have a fascination with all things Haunted Mansion, but that goes w/o saying. 

So, what are you getting at Strublay?

Well I'm also taking my time posting on other Haunters for very specific reasons. 
First: In January I start an 8 month internship with Disney at the Disneyland Resort. So you can bet that there will be a gap of posting come mid-January. I'll be extremely busy with the move to Anaheim, and my first few weeks of work will be exhausting.
Second: My Sig. Other and I are considering houses at the moment. So while I'm in Anaheim, I'll also be coordinating a house move via phone webcam and weekly or bi-monthly visits. 

Countdown from

My 2011 is going to be insane, so I'm using as my main resource and STUFFING my favorites folder to the brim with photo-sets from my fellow Halloween fanatics displays. So lets see if this works out.


Viktoria said...

Congratulations on your internship! Aren't you amazed that you got this position during the worst depression since 1929? It must be due to your creativity and hard working nature. I am so happy for you Strublay!!

BostonBoy said...

I sent you the some of my Halloween pics. They were the best of the bunch. I don't have many. There ahs got to be a haunted house or two around here. This warrants another trip to Salem.

"Strublay" said...

LOL, Thanks! Right Place, Right Time I suppose.
lol, Thx Boston Boy.