Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Candy, Candy, and more Candy.

Found on Flickr, Image By DeathByBokeh
Apparently there are people out there who would not miss Smarties if they dropped off the face of the planet. 
But. But.

Found On Flickr, Image by Laurel714

Found On Flickr, Image by Antigone78


halloween spirit said...

In Canada, Smarties are Rockets and no, I would not miss them if they dropped off the face of the planet. :D

"Strublay" said...

But... But.....
They're little sugar pilz.
The Worlds awesome-est placebo.
I buy my self a bag every year.... and my husband thinks I'm fricking crazy.
He would be correct in such an assumption.

Viktoria said...

I love Smarties too! I also love those orange mashmallowy circus peanuts, be they soft and fresh or stale and chewy. To each her own, I say.