Sunday, September 12, 2010

Halloween in Japan

So, Halloween is gaining ground in Japan, how do I know this? Well my comrade Lloyd recently had himself a trip to Japan, and the first thing he talked to me about when he returned? The slowly growing Halloween displays that were already up before our Labor day. If I can get his memory card for a I'll post his couple of pictures to that effect, but for now: Flickr.

Found on Flickr; Image By apc33 
Japanese Kenji-o-lanterns! (Kenji is a really really common male name in Japan, and the Joke was taken from the photographer) 

Found on The Anime Blog 

Okay, so I'm not a gigantic fan of Pocky, and we have all of... oh... 6 places here in town to obtain it, so no, this awesomeness would not be easy to find. But if I find it, I'm trying it.

Lloyd picked up souvenirs for all of us during his trip, little things, but they are cool to have, and he gave me two: the second was a capsule mini bust from the anime Hellsing, the first however, is remarkably more up this blogs alley:

Image By Strublay

Its a Halloween punch ball! I love the font. It makes me smile. lol
I won't be blowing it up, since I cant stand the smell of latex, but i plan to keep it for my collection of Halloween ephemera. 
Oh and fun fact: there is no way to say Happy Halloween in Japanese, so you'll always see Happy Halloween written in English on Japanese websites, candies, or packaging. 
if you want to see the makers website, which in of itself is cool, go here

Its official, I want to experience one Halloween in Japan. 
Expect to see more international posts, because this is fun.

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