Thursday, September 16, 2010

Spell Books, Spell Crafts, and the bliss of pumpkin pancakes.

Found on Flickr, Image by KoreEpiphany12
I used to start my posts with the best picture... and I've been neglecting that rule as of late...
Consider it reinstated. 
I prefer hand-written spell books, but this image looks so good I HAD to post it. Beautiful Composition. 

Found on Crafty-Chicks blog, Image Author Unknown.
I love, LOVE this lady's blog, shes a craft nut, and although that would not normally qualify for posting on this blog, she has some wonderful Halloween craft postings!
All of her Halloween posts are here and her main blog is here.
Go say hi, and enjoy.

Found on Flickr, Image by hj70ft
So I had this remarkable craving for pancakes today for dinner. I know, I know... Strublay is crazy, yes, its true. Anyway, so I dragged my husband to ihop, and guess what is back... the moist, sweet-spicy awesomeness that is Pumpkin Pancakes! Oh, god. I missed that flavor. 
I'm gonna be crazy for it until Wintersday..... 

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Crafty's Cuppa Coffee said...

Ha ha ha.... great description- and thank you for the shout out & blog link love. I ADORE Halloween! No doubt about it. You should see the fun stuff going on in my art studio right now...Halloween madness, I tell you! <(:0) Bwahahahahaaaaa.........

Never fear, felow haloween obsessed blog friend- or fiend!-LOL... I will have a fresh new batch of Halloween love coming up shortly. (I just have to get thru this surgery, and finish my Halloween crafting so I can open my shop- and then- watch out Bloglandia...cause Halloween is coming!

I am also partcipating in the Practical Magick Blog Party on the 25th of Septembr- and Mrs. B's 31 Days of Halloween, as a Guest Blogger- so stay tuned in October. :0)

~Danae aka 'Crafty' <(:0)