Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Human Skulls, Antique Books, and Giant Spiders guarding awesome cars.

Found On Flickr, Image By yngvardo

This is one of those images where I literally exclaimed with joy upon seeing that I could download it. IT IS BEAUTIFUL. The antique book topped by a real human skull. My many many compliments to the photographer. 

Found on Flickr, Image by rogerjporter
Another Beautiful image of antique books. 
I want to surround my witch with books that look like they are a hundred years old... that would be awesome. 

Found on Flickr, Image by Spider Rider

Okay the awesome in this photograph is two-fold. 
First: Holy Geeze! That is a BIG spider! Apparently this is a fiberglassed beachball and PVC. So Awesome.
Second: Do you see that CAR? That really nice 1970'S 240 Z? Yeah, its EPIC. 
Spider Rider, I compliment you on your choice of Vehicle(s).
There is so much awesome in this photograph. 
Akuma, buddy, this photo find is totally for you, and a little for me. 

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