Sunday, September 26, 2010

To the Haunt-Cast Audience, and ShellHawk Rocks.

My versions of witch jars were featured on the last HauntCast (Oh My Ghouls!) By Madam ShellHawk. I should have been listening to this for a long time... ah well, yet another thing I wish I knew before I started Haunting Eh?

You know: I play with fire, and I use honest to goodness tea-lights in my little witch jars. Then again I always use actual candles, which has gotten me in trouble more than once. But to be honest I deserved it. THUS!

I, Strublay, am not responsible for your burnt hair, costume, fur (damn werewolves... and and... other anthropomorphic animals of a furry nature making witch jars and playing with fire...), pets fur, house, condo, coffin, or mausoleum if you decide to ignore my statement above, or any of ShellHawks warnings on HauntCast while deploying your witch jars. If your stupid and burn things up, its your own fault! 

I love to see creative Ideas when it comes to simple projects like this, so if you make some awesome witch jars, please let me know!

Here the links to the posts about my Version of Rot's Witch Jars:

The still life session that started me off
The how-to tips page

REMEMBER: My version of witch jars are not rainproof. White glue is not rated for glass so it will come off if hit with water... it adds tot he grungy unwashed look but it really sucks when you've got them "Just so."

Hey ShellHawk: You seriously rock. Thank you for the shout out madam! 
*Thinks about doing a post on her ceramics and bloggy blog*
Ah well until then: 

Now back to the.... well... you'll see.
I'll be doing a post later tonight when I get tired of fussing over my newest project.
Until then.
*Hits play again on HauntCast to listen to the rest of it, goes back to the torture chamber/diningroom*

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