Monday, September 06, 2010

Universal Studios, Blucky does Hollywood, and looking forward to Disneyland Halloween.

Found on Flickr, Image by Biggimote

I went to Universal Studios this weekend, it was an on the fly, hey lets go, kinda thing, and I'm actually quite happy we did it. You see at the beginning of the year my sig other and I took his brother to Universal Studios and we got a heck of a deal, "Buy one day, get 2010 free" So we have an annual pass for the price of a day. (Halloween Horror nights are blocked, bummer) So we can go anytime that there isn't black out dates, for free. A really awesome thing considering that just recently the studio tour opened king kong 3d, which is highly recommended btw (go first thing at opening, the line is the shortest its going to get all day... during the middle of the day the line was 75 minutes long for the studio tour, we waited 15. However if you get stuck in the monster line, believe me it is completely worth it, King Kong is really, really wonderful stuff)
The image above is also on the studio tour, for those of you who have never been to Universal Studios Hollywood, its the house from psycho! Here the image was taken during Halloween Horror Nights, and the psycho house is rightfully lit up at night in Halloween splendor. No one does horror quite like Universal. 
Also on the studio tour was Legit Halloween-y goodness! Wisteria Lane (The stepford... er... I mean Desperate Housewives Set {You think I watch that? HA}) is dressed up for Halloween, and who made an appearance on the set? 

Why BLUCKY of course!

Found on Flicker, Image by Polly Nesia

Yes fellow haunters, that lovable blow molded skeleton we love, or love to hate, is a Television star. He's hanging from one of the houses on Wisteria Lane, and will be featured on Desperate Housewives some time during October I would not wonder. Its nice to know that even Hollywood will resort to the use of a big lots Blucky every now and again, and the really funny part of the story is that I was seriously laughing my ass off about it and my Husband just stared at me, clueless as to what I was talking about. "Honey, whats a Blucky?"
The rest of Wisteria Lane was also dressed up for our favorite Holiday, as was another set for Parenthood. I'm sorry that I didn't get pictures, but the movement was jarring and taking out the dainty 1gig microSD card from my phone and sticking it on to the adapter to save photos to for my camera was out of the question at the time... It was early morning... I was tired. Waffles.

Found on Flickr, image by Disney1955

Lastly I'm looking forward to seeing Disneyland during Halloween time. Strublay and co. will be Heading to Disneyland in October, and I'll get to experience Halloween Time at Disneyland, a rare thing considering that I'm in school full time, but my primarily online class schedule permits me to go and do things I can't with a live class. I assure you I'll be taking a ton of HQ photos for the site.
It's my goal, as a resident of the south west, to visit every theme park around Halloween time. Not all at one time mind you, but one a year or so. I've done Las Vegas' Fright Dome, and I enjoyed it, but I now want to see how the big boys do Halloween. Disneyland Resort is first, and I'm looking forward to it. 

One last thing: I've gotten some awesome comments regarding my technique for witch jars and on the blog in general, I just want to let you know I just read them, and I'll be responding with another post here very soon.

Until I get that done: Have an awesome labor day!

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