Wednesday, September 22, 2010

ZOMG awesome!

Found on Love Me Some Pumpkin Blog; Author Unknown
I went to Walmart today and found that their Febreze Pumpkin Harvest Air Fresheners two packs are on sale (!!) but as a tester I decided to pick up their Pumpkin Harvest Candle. Now I've had Febreze candles before, and they have never disapointed, and this candle is no exception. OMG, it is.... amazing.
Not even kidding. I live for scent, I'm super sensitive to it, and this captures the scents leading up to Halloween and Fall PERFECTLY.
Also on the scent front, I ran across an apple and clove scented candle in Walmart as well, put out by BHG. 
It's on the Pick up list.
One last thing. I found this pumpkin blog and I'm Intrigued by so much of it that I have to post it. Enjoy. I love me some pumpkin.
And I love me some guns, but that Deadpool/MVC3 reference would be over the heads of many if not all that reads this site.

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